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TweetKenaf, the carbon-sequestering monster plant, provides food, shelter and carbon credits. If someone were to tell you that they had a technology — a weed actually — that could sequester huge amounts of carbon permanently while lifting villagers out of poverty by providing both protein-rich food and super-insulated building materials, you might start to wonder [...]

TweetWhat’s increasing the concentration of nitrous oxide, a powerful greenhouse gas, in our atmosphere? According to a new study, this increase is due mainly to the use of N-based fertilizers. This was demonstrated by the different abundance of nitrogen and oxygen isotopes. What is Nitrous Oxide? Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a minor component of the [...]

Tweet April 22, 2012 The fragile and rapidly changing Arctic region is home to large reservoirs of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. As Earth’s climate warms, the methane, frozen in reservoirs stored in Arctic tundra soils or marine sediments, is vulnerable to being released into the atmosphere, where it can add to global warming. Now [...]

TweetScientists say the notoriously dry continent of Africa is sitting on a vast reservoir of groundwater. They argue that the total volume of water in aquifers underground is 100 times the amount found on the surface. The team have produced the most detailed map yet of the scale and potential of this hidden resource. Writing [...]

Tweet Lightning is not uniformly distributed across the Earth. Lightning map by NASA A map showing the distribution of lightning flashes across the Earth has important economic and safety implications. Each year lightning strikes kill many people, farm animals and wild animals. Lightning causes thousands of fires and billions of dollars in damage to buildings, [...]

TweetToday I have notice something very special LIVE right before my eyes and this is not the first time, others also notice that seismologist are obviously playing around with the seismic activity Data. Some might speculate in many different scenarios but all we can do right now is to show you one very good example of seismic censorship. This was taken today April 14th in [...]

TweetParts of China are entering the third year of an extreme drought that has affected more than 7.8 million people and 4.6 million livestock. More than 2 million are struggling for access to clean drinking water with many having to travel many miles each day just to fill jugs with water. More than 4 million [...]

TweetFire crews have been rushed to a nuclear reactor in northern France after an escape of smoke but the energy company EDF says the site is secure. It said 10 fire engines were working at the Penly site near Dieppe, where the reactor was shut down after the alarm was raised at 12:20 (11:20 GMT). [...]

Tweet A new chemical analysis of lunar material collected by Apollo astronauts in the 1970s conflicts with the widely held theory that a giant collision between Earth and a Mars-sized object gave birth to the moon 4.5 billion years ago. In the giant-collision scenario, computer simulations suggest that the moon had two parents:à Earth and [...]

Tweet This is a map of Atlantis Massif, showing the fault that borders this Atlantic Ocean seamount. Integrated Ocean Drilling Program geologists investigate seamount that formed in unusual way Scientists recently concluded an expedition aboard the research vessel JOIDES Resolution to learn more about Atlantis Massif, an undersea mountain, or seamount, that formed in a [...]