(Update: Checked the corporate site of Maruha Nichiro. It is “pink salmon” or “humpback salmon”, in northern Pacific Ocean, Bering Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, Japan Sea, Iwate Prefecture, and Hokkaido.)

生活クラブSeikatsu Club is a co-op that has been publishing the results of its own analysis of food items it sells.

In the latest results on March 30, 2012, there are several items with radioactive cesium including a can of salmon from a major seafood company (Maruha Nichiro):

30 Bq/kg from lemon
32 Bq/kg from Kiyomi tangor (hybrid of satsuma mandarin orange and regular orange)
18 Bq/kg from a can of boiled salmon

For people trying to eliminate as much radioactive cesium as possible from the food they eat everyday, it’s not getting any easier after one year.

you can view the whole list here; http://seikatsuclub.coop/

The current readings from the coop are for Cesium 137 which has a radioactive half life of 30 years and remains radioactive and dangerous for over 300 years into the future.

And it just doesn’t dissappear.

Iodine 131 which has a radioactive half life of only 8 days and remains radioactive and dangerous for only 5 months into the future, and Cesium 134 which has a radioactive half of only 2 years and remains radioactive and dangerous for about 20 years.

So it is predictable that those levels for those radioisotopes would be reduced.

But data for Cesium 137 in many prefectures and areas of the new table is blank, totally missing.

It is a common long-used trick by the nuclear industry to confuse the public with measurements involving different isotopes promoting great reductions in those with shorter radioactive half-lifes and not talking about those with longer ones, knowing that the majority of people don’t know the difference and what it really means.

to all the wannabe nuclear scientists out there

  • Radiation is EXTREMELY BAD in any amount, PERIOD!
  • You eat it in ANY amount and it accumulates, PERIOD!
  • You breath it in and it accumulates, PERIOD!
  • You drink it and it accumulates, PERIOD!

Everyone with a slight understanding of what we are seeing here, understands there is nothing “acceptable” or “natural” here!

Japan: Radioactive Cesium from Canned Salmon and Produce

TO AVOID; if food is from ASIA – especially JAPAN, ALASKA, and CALIFORNIA…leave it on the  shelve!  

source; http://ex-skf.blogspot.ca via http://seikatsuclub.coop/ 

It’s Official: Canned Fish from Tohoku Will Go to Developing Countries, With the Help from UN

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