In this field, a professional practitioner or researcher is called a psychologist, and can be classified as a social scientist, behavioral scientist, or cognitive scientist.
When in Fact Psychologists attempt to locate human and social weakness for easier manipulation of their so called medical title to ease the way for profiting the Big Pharma industry trough researches funded by Banksters and allowed freely by our governments even if most of the medical practices are mainly unmoral with beastly behavior towards fellow humans.

They seek their own truth for greed and power and trying real hard to hide it all from the prying eye which they`d rather blind off with their own agenda of total control towards the population by using their knowledge against the mass.

If you are Going for the source of what the industrial era as led us, the road leads to the exploring the physiological and neurobiological processes that underlie certain functions and behaviors for easier brainwashing control.

The Men in Power, those who control the whole population are all walking hand in hand in this Human Farming for personal gain and to process individualism as the scape goat of the fate of society.

Making belive that someone is the main cause of the problems is quite a Game Playing strategy for taking manipulation as a main move for winning what you will and when your adversary is acting like a puppet unseeing the next steps of his own destruction, well is like the battle is already won because the ones you play with have no clues that there is a game that is been played and they are bound to fail in advance.

We are all Paying with our lives trough hard earned currencies for the profit of the Minds of others for the gain of loosing freedom and sanity.

Its so easy to elect, Hire, consult the ones who will dictate us but its another task to have a say in this eternal ongoing racket of control.

The control of the mind is the ultimate strategy for grasping the lead when you are power tripping your path to the top of your ideologies.

Psychology is the main tool use for laying the best understanding of possible outcomes into any scenarios.

Its immediate goal is to understand individuals and groups by both establishing general principles and researching specific cases.


In definition Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes.

The evolution of this Medical science as led mainstream knowledge astray for the masses.

The Human psyche as so much more than a 3rd dimension of resources to replenish its positivism

So if  the ultimate goal of psychology is to benefit society it should be practice for the better health of society as a whole not as individual sicken patient who need chemical treatment but as a whole into the better of a oneness.

Everything and everyone is connected, only for sharing truthful knowledge we should strive.

Understanding should not ever mean profit or gain over ones soul… 1+1=1

Knowledge is Power

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